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How to play?

Drag the items to make combinations of 3 at least... Warning, do not fool yourself or you will lose your lives! Game Crush is responsive and you can play instantly on all you smartphone, tablet and Desktop. Just click to play! Don't forget to share!



Test your IQ and your reflexes with the new game Maths-Master. The principle is simple: solve as fast as you can calculations in the allotted time. If you're not fast enough you will be penalized. Don't forget: time is limited and remains focused! If your answers are correct, you will discover a surprise..


Rules are very simple : you dispose a limited time to eat the maximum of with bubbles. Your enemies are your friends' which are moving to catch you. You can destroy your enemies by eating a start and then eat your friends, this will be the only moment where you can attack them without lossing a life. When all lives have been lost, the game ends. Don't forget that time and life are limited and that you can moove your monster by clicking on arrows.


Brick-Breakers is a game that you can play on your Mobile, Tablet an Desktop. The objective of the game is simple : destroy all the bricks in a limited time. To play, you can use keyboard, or touch the gameplay on your mobile or go to right or left by simply use the directions buttons. Stay focused on the game and avoid to loose the ball, you life are limited.


Snake-Bomber is your new arcade game with your friends' photo. Play the game is simple: direct the snake with the two buttons, eats only apple. Warning, do not eat the bombs or you will lose a life. To win the game you must eat a maximum of apple without bumping against the walls over time. Ready to play and good luck!


Puzzle My Friends, also called the 8 puzzle is a sliding puzzle where you have to re-compose the image of one of your friends by making sliding moves. Be ready, you only have a limited time to win!